[Vignette] Graduation Day

|| Graduation Day ||

Written by Ayumu-Chaan

Jung Wooseok x Kim Umji

Idol-Life, School-Life, Fluff?, AU || Vignette || Teenager

I just own plot and story.


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Fell in Love [Chapter 5]

fell in love cover 002

Fell in Love


Written by Ayumu-Chaan

Kim Mingyu x Ryu Sujeong

Lee Seokmin x Choi Yuju

Xu Minghao x Bae Binnie


School-Life, Fantasy, Romance || PG-13 || Chaptered

Disclaimer: This is my story and just in my imagination. I’m sorry if there same any title or character. Plot and story is mine. But, the cast(s) isn’t mine.

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