Lyric + Indonesian Translate


Red Velvet

  1. Red Velvet – Candy (ICE CREAM CAKE)
  2. Red Velvet – Campfire (THE RED)
  3. Red Velvet – Cool World (THE RED)
  4. Red Velvet – Time Slip (THE RED)



  1. Lovelyz – How to Be A Pretty Girl (Lovelyz8)
  2. Lovelyz – Sweet and Sour (Lovelyz8)
  3. Lovelyz – Rapunzel (Lovelyz8)
  4. Lovelyz – Circle (Lovelinus)



  1. TWICE – Like Ooh-Ahh (The Story Begins)
  2. TWICE – Do It Again (The Story Begins)



  1. Coming Soon!


Oh My Girl

  1. Oh My Girl – Closer (CLOSER)
  2. Oh My Girl – Round About (CLOSER)
  3. Oh My Girl – Playground (CLOSER)



  1. GFRIEND – Neverland (Season of Glass)
  2. GFRIEND – Rough (Snowflake)



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