Kerjaan selama beberapa hari ini :v

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[Drabble-Mix] Today Is White Day

today is white day

Today is White Day!

Written by Ayumu-Chaan

Romance, Fluff;; Drabble-Mix;; Teenager / Teen

[17] Jun, Mingyu, Wonwoo, Hoshi, The8, Jeonghan;; [B.A.P] Daehyun;; [NCT] Yuta

[Lovelyz] Sujeong & Jisoo;; [Red Velvet] Seulgi & Wendy;; [Oh My Girl] Mimi & Binnie;; [WJSN] Cheng Xiao;; [TWICE] Momo




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[Ficlet] Paper in A Bottle

HoshixJisoo. Yuhuu :v

Lovelyz Fanfiction Indonesia

hoshi jisoo 008

A fanfiction by Ayumu-Chaan

|| Paper in A Bottle ||

Kwon Soonyoung [Hoshi ‘SEVENTEEN’] & Seo Jisoo [Jisoo ‘Lovelyz’] || School Life – Romance? || Ficlet || General / G


Disclaimer: This is my story and just in my imagination. I’m sorry if there same any title or character. This story is mine. But, the cast(s) isn’t mine.


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